Our Projects

Project Description

In 2018 Young enthusiastic professionals set up “Jan Seva Kendra Pvt. Ltd.“ inspired by the belief and conviction that Rural India must be transformed into the knowledge economy for sustainable Rural development. They also believed developing Entrepreneurs that micro level initiatives at grassroots levels are must to bring about stable livelihood creations to remove mass poverty from our villages.

The basic objective of the “Jan Seva Kendra Pvt. Ltd.“ Program is to improve the productivity / profitability of existing or new Entrepreneurs by upgrading latest technology and various public services to make them aware about emerging in the fields of retail sectors. We create the symbiotic relationship of academics, technical and business knowledge from place to place and person to person.

Hence the orientation to new practices training and practices becomes necessary for good business development and a successful entrepreneur. However, some fresh educated unemployed youths are also selected for learning the skills of various trades so that they may be able to find out some employment opportunities or may start their own ventures. For other marketing process the grassroots development and they responsible for the same.

This Program aims to provide necessary public services by one single window. As per public demand, “Jan Seva Kendra Pvt. Ltd. “ will open in need based area. Our Services encourage the Entrepreneur to provide more facilitate in local people. Our centers services provide to save the Time and Money, which transfer to development of other work that direct effect to our Nation development.

The Board members believes that the our services will support the envisioned ‘Single Window Service Revolution’ based upon sustainable, need-based, demand-driven, market oriented services towards increasing rural and semi urban prosperity.

Jan Seva Kendra Pvt. Ltd. would be focused on specific need and local infrastructure based service involvement of the rural and semi urban unemployed, women and youths. Setting up of “Jan Seva Kendra Pvt. Ltd.“ is one of the new projects initiated and follow-up measures by Jan Seva Kendra Pvt. Ltd..

The ”Jan Seva Kendra Pvt. Ltd.“ converging point of all activities / Programs concerning women and unemployed people being implemented in the rural and semi urban areas of district. It would act as single window information and facilitation center for the society. We provide Health, RTI, Banking, Agriculture, E-Commerce, Power, Insurance, and Micro Finance, Ticketing, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) selling, Employment opportunity, New Technology Extension and Business Promotion services. This project has prioritized for intervention in the first instance, three main significantly impact the process of empowerment generation for poor people.

“The job of a social Entrepreneur is to recognize when a part of society is stuck and to provide new ways to get it unstuck. He or she finds what is not working and solves the problem by changing the system, spreading the solution and persuading entire societies to take new leaps”.